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We design, produce and distribute components for complete ignition units for internal combustion engines.

Electronic ignition units

A Selettra ignition unit for small engines consists of a high-performance magneto flywheel and a coil with built-in ignition timing control circuit: it plays the important role of supplying energy to the spark plug of small engines. Selettra produces a vast range of digital and analog ignition units for internal combustion engines used in various sectors, from gardening to speedway racing, from bikes to paragliders.

Magneto flywheels

Magneto flywheels are made from die-cast aluminium and are subsequently machined, balanced and magnetized. We use ceramic, rare earth (neodymium) or AINiCo permanent magnets. We can produce them in various diameters, from D. 89 mm to D. 140 mm.

Ignition units for KART engines

We manufacture analog and digital electronic control units complete with rotors and stators. The types of rotors produced differ for diameters D.36 mm, F.48 mm and D.58 mm. We also produce the stators that supply energy to the ignition unit using copper of the highest quality to ensure reliability over time.

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Certainly, our design office staff will take note of your requirements and create a design tailored to your needs.

No. Thanks to our in-house foundry, we can also make customized die-cast products.

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